Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elle Long and Penny Felts at Twist etc. december 2012

Elle Long and Penny Felts at Twist etc. december 2012

The Decades Project


I am a film/instant photographer. I spend my time trying to put dreams and poetry into images. 
I have studied photography for a good part of my life, in classrooms or bookstores.
I have been published in multiple issues of LightLeaks magazine, and JPGmag.
My photographs have been in shows in NY, Italy, Paris and London.


Elle Long is an independent model living and working with a passion for film; both Polaroid and celluloid, print and motion.
She has been printed in the pages of a handful of magazines including Vigoré! and Votive, and walks on runways and into films and music videos.


Polaroid artist Penny Felts has always had a love for vintage clothes, jewelry and cameras. A shared love of the aesthetic of old and a strong mutual admiration brought Penny and Elle together for this project. What began as Penny's brainchild became a complete collaboration between two artists - from research to wardrobe and styling, hair and makeup.

Originally eight diptychs from the 1920's through the 1990's, a version of this series was published as an 'Eight Exposures' blog by We've since added two decades (1910 & 2000's), and have chosen to display several of the outtakes for this show.

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