Regarding fitness, Richard Simmons is a prophet in his own right. He realized that exercise is more effective when you're having fun. Could his vision be applied to organized religion? One Tennessee artist clearly thought so.
Reddit user metamelomai found what is probably the greatest contribution to religious art since the Sistine Chapel ceiling in a church in downtown Nashville.
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richard simmons holy trinity
The Huffington Post contacted the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville and confirmed that the Richard Simmons "trinity" is in fact on display outside the fellowship room, because it won first prize in an art show held by the church.
In a phone interview, a representative of the church told HuffPost that the church buys the winning piece of art in the contest, which has taken place every year since 1998. However, while the intricately shaded drawing is church property, the representative said that the artist is not a member of the congregation.
The Downtown Presbyterian Church holds its art show every year with an accompanying theme. According to the the blog of of Nashville's Twist Art Gallery, the 2011 contest theme was "Compassion Fatigue."
But wherever Richard Simmons is concerned, fatigue isn't a factor. Nor is lack of compassion. Reddit user GooseSlayer explained his adoration for the fitness guru:
"Richard Simmons is a saint if I have ever seen one. He supports people (mostly women) spirituality and emotionally while trying to help them achieve the physical goals they have set. He is nothing but encouraging and positive unless he is in tears with the women. He is a man of pure love. He is the Bob Ross of fitness."