Thursday, January 13, 2011

Victor Huckabee at Twist etc. February 2011

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Victor Samuel Huckabee spent his formative years studying design in Switzerland where he began Pope Saint Victor design. He currently works full time as the Brand Design Architect for a non-profit organization called Blood:Water Mission that seeks to empower communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.


I think I've always been absorbed with the visual arts whether I knew it or not. I remember being a kid and looking at photos, magazines, cartoons, logos, Muppets and things of that sort and they would always intrigue me. I've always doodled and covered anything I could get my hands on in cartoons. When I was probably fifteen or so, my parents brought home a very early copy of Photoshop for our home PC. Once I realized what I could do with it, I was hooked. I would stay up all night long designing and editing photos just for the fun of it and I feel like I never stopped.

My Illustrated Thoughts are an extension of my creative process. I start creating them with or without an idea -- they are a way to clear my head and make something meaningful and funny completely out of nothing with no ulterior motives or rules, just pure artistic enjoyment. I always start with a blank canvas and I let my pen and imagination do the work. What comes to life in the end is always a surprise. I love to create worlds and creatures all of my own and try to use them to tell a quick, witty story that produces a positive response.

Be awesome. Doodle More.

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