Saturday, May 29, 2010

Intercessors/Icons at Twist Art Gallery

Nashville Scene
Intercessors/Icons at Twist Gallery
When: Thursdays-Saturdays. Continues through June 26
Opening reception 6-9 p.m., June 5.

Lately, local multimedia artist Margaret Pesek's muses have been visiting in the forms of the Catholic-style saints she celebrates in her homemade, goofball reliquaries. With titles like “Patron of the Romantically Ambiguous”, “Protector of New Restaurants” and “Our Lady of Perpetual Medication”, Pesek brings a healthy dose of humor to her creations which are fashioned from disparate materials including: photographs, jewelry, wood, stones, dolls and artificial flowers. To hear Pesek's side of the story, purchasing one of her ironic icons might grant the buyer an inside track with the almighty. “There seems to be a saint assigned as a go-to for almost any problem,” she explains. “It's always left me feeling very much protected in a large and uncertain world.” Amen.
— Joe Nolan

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