Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twist Art Gallery October 2009

Twist Art Gallery presents:

Tony Doling in space 73

and Mandy Stoller in space 58

we are also participating in the sound crawl

opening October 3rd from 6-9 pm 2009

show runs through October 3-31 2009

Tony Doling

"Halfway Across A Bridge: Super8 Stills" at twist art gallery #73

Artist statement: "I spent about a year living in Northern California
back in 2000. In all the times I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, or
stared awestruck from the Marin Headlands or Ocean Beach, the innate
photographic genius living inside of me never snapped a single picture
of this stunningly beautiful object. All I managed to get was about
eight seconds of shaky black and white Super 8 footage by sticking a
camera out of my brother's moving car. this has become a series of photographs.


Mandy Stoller at twist etc. 58

My mom is so awesome I thought, "I should throw a party for my mom."
She has inspired my work of Rhonda and Agatha and has impressed upon
me a country accent that randomly comes out without warning. So let’s
celebrate my mom for being the most frickin’ amazing person in the
whole wide world!!

Come celebrate my mom on October 3rd from 6-9pm at Twist Gallery
Studio 58! There will be cake!!

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