Wednesday, October 12, 2011

goose and gander baby clothes and accessories come to Twist

goose and gander baby clothes and accessories coming your way this gift giving season at Twist Art Gallery :)
our cozy onesies are 12 dollars each and a perfect gift for the new baby in your life. more items coming soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twist Art Gallery artists in the Nashville scene's best of this year

Twist Art Gallery artists in the Nashville scene's best of this year

Curated by painter, printmaker and Watkins College Assistant Professor Brady Haston, Anxious Daysexplored themes that addressed 21st century anxieties about terrorism, pending pandemics and our tempestuous natural environment. One of the first exhibits of 2011, Anxious Days got Twist's programming off to a great start, and the show's consistently affecting works left us feeling more exhilarated than edgy. JOE NOLAN

Ryan Hogan had a busy year, presenting successive shows at Twist, Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery, and Seed Space. We're drawn to artists with multidisciplinary backgrounds, and it's no surprise that Hogan's education in philosophy plays a role in his ambitious sculpture installations. He presents his pieces as pure objects without discernible context or easily recognized representational equivalents. We're anxious to see what he does next. You should be too. JOE NOLAN

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twist Art Gallery November 2011

Twist Art Gallery November 2011 space 73  Andy Harding

 Title: Symmetry Breaking Being "

Attempts to fix nature into one particular arrangement or mechanism rarely last. Change and transformation are the essence of nature. The structures and symmetries generated by the changes are secondary and fleeting. I am interested in the confluence of such forms...continuously breaking into and out of being."

 BIO: Andy Harding spent much of his childhood wandering the woods of the 100 acre farm where he grew up in west Tennessee. It wasn't until his senior year in college that he took a serious interest in art while enrolled in an elective 3D design course. Since that time, he has been thoroughly engaged in object making...from lamps and furniture to handmade artist books, collage, and wood and metal sculpture. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at the Nashville Public Library, Zeitgeist Gallery, San Diego Art Institute, Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA, and as part of "Gnathonemus Petersii" at Gallery 400 of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Harding completed a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Belmont University in 1997 and recently relocated to Nashville after living in Chicago for the past six years. ......................................................

 Twist etc. November 2011 Kelly Kerrigan

 artist statement coming soon...